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UX/UI Design & Development Services

Rec4Tech has been recognised as one of the most eminent UX/UI Design & Development Services company offering its experienced services worldwide. Our proficient team of designers and developers work towards designing an ideal website with a perfect blend of practical resources and visual elements. Our UI/UX expert team is a melange of art and technology which converts your dream design into the reality. They help you in transforming the picture you have in your mind into reality with high definition graphics, interface designing and other desigining tools. We use both vector and raster graphics editor to create designs. Our focus is to cover all the requirements of the clients in terms of UX/UI Design. On a daily basis, we serve hundreds of customers across the globe. We have specialised team for the web/Mobile/IPAD. Under UI/UX solutions we include:
1. Front-end Development
2. Interface Design
3. Experience Design
4. Custom Web Design
5. Responsive Layout
6. Mobile UI/UX

Development Process

From B2B to B2E, IT provides multiple projects, which consist of websites and web apps for top brands, medium-level enterprises, and startups. There is a considerable amount we offer through our integrated, adaptive agile approach. Great things are not achieved by impulse but through a series of processes brought together. Here are the steps we take for our ? la carte development process.


We start our projects with research based on the purpose, in order to produce the best and successful outcome. The foremost step of Researching helps in getting the most latest and updated projects.


After researching, the experts prepare data to execute the ideas derived during research. Brainstorm process involves the planning of the project with relevant technologies, through which we can produce the best.


After completion of research our designers work on the design and their main aim is to bring the best and appealing layout. Our designers works towards bringing the most prepossessing Design for our clients project which is blend of best colors and theme.


After completing the designing, our most important step is testing. We try to eliminate all the obstacles and sort all issues at the initial stage itself. We try to be precise with each section and provide the most relevant final output.


After through testing and being satisfied with our testing processes and getting assured that everything is precise and perfect, then finally the project is ready to be launched in the market.


Finally, after rigorous hard work, when success is achieved, we do not skip providing assistance to the client, which includes monitoring and 24 hours support through call, message or an email.


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Client satisfaction is the most important capsule of our success. When our clients put their trust on us, our confidence gears up like no other accomplishments. Long term relationship with clients are our real treasure. Here are few words from some of our clients:

Web Designt

How well a user of a website understands or interacts depends on the interactive designs of the website, therefore Design is the strength of any business or company. Many times it is critical to decide whether to use interactivity or not, but at Rec4Tech, the specialised team takes up the risks associated with all plug-ins and works towards enhancing the functions for better and more advanced experience. Our designers have created visibility and are always up to date with web accessibility guidelines.


Know How We Collaborate With Our Clients

We are always enthusiastic to know fresh idea from clients and as one of the largest Web app development and web development companies worldwide we create new levels of object through clients businesses. Here’s how we collaborate together with our clients as one across different time zones.

Strategic Planning and Management

Enthusiastic management commitment to quality

Identifying core requirements

Understanding necessary growth strategy

Facilitation of Change

Application of new procedures and strategy.